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  • Length: 11.40m
  • Width: 3.10m
  • Depth: 1.1m
  • Height: 1.5m?not including console and awning
  • Draft: 0.4m
  • Recommended power: YAMAHA 250HP/300HP X 2units Petrol tank: 600L?160GL?
  • Passengers: 30persons ?including driver?
  • 2 Standard configuration
  • 2.1Hull
  • 1) The construction of several sub compartments, each sub compartment separated water tight.
  • 2) Use of a non-alkali fiber and marine resin for construction:
  • Resin casting body meets the requirements of the following properties: Barcol hardness ?35?; thermal deformation temperature ?55?; elongation (%) ?2.0.
  • 3) built by several vertical and horizontal framework to strengthen, set a strong ribs every two rib distance, strong ribs from bottom to bulwark transversely through, vertically arranged in the keel and two adjacent keel.
  • 4 ? Boat bow is provided with a full horizontal watertight collision bulkhead, front of the tank is provided with a full transverse watertight bulk head. It is PVC sandwich structure, PVC foam on both sides of the fiberglass with sandwich layer symmetry.
  • 5) Strength the engine installation, U shaped ring parts.
  • 6) The upper and lower boat and other glass fiber reinforced by boat structure glue, improve the strength.
  • 7) The marine gelcoat, the standard color is white.
  • 8) Deck drains each side 3 pieces, drainage hole is provided with a filter net.
  • 9) Elevated platform deck in bow, set the storage rooms, ensure the tightness of closed rooms.
  • 10) Anti-slip deck.
  • 11) According to the engine installation, it is required a pre-buried PVC pipe for cables, instrument line extension lines, in the console and stern reserved joints. Easy to install engine
  • 2.2 Fittings
  • 1) 316 stainless steel, nonmetal parts anti-corrosion and UV protection.
  • 2) U ring in bow?6 cleats in aft, middle and bow.
  • 3) 2sets of stainless oil tank under the deck, 300L/set?80gl??Petrol inlet and maintenance vent is in boat stern portside.
  • 4) Water proof canvas awning can be disassembled, reserved installation seat for lights.
  • 5) Reinforced transom by stainless plate, withstand the vibration and thrust of the engines.
  • 6) Console set in bow, storage room under.
  • 7) Console driver seat is made of fiberglass, the seat is provided with a lie-down rest and storage box under.
  • 8) Passenger seat set in port side, star board and stern. 2 sides seat is fixed, made by fiberglass, supported by 7 pieces of fiberglass ribs, soft pad on seat screwed tightly. Stern seat can be opened up.
  • 9) Boarding ladder installed on the starboard boat stern, hinge support rotation, when not in use it can be rotated up and tied with roof frame together. When it is not in use it can be rotated down for boarding.
  • 10) Boat sides covered by black D shape anti-collision fender bar(except engine place) fender thickness not less than 4 inches.
  • 11) 1 set of galvanized steel anchor 9kg and anchor rope?12X25m?1 sets of 5kg anchor and anchor rope?12X40m?
  • 2.3 Engine steering system. Please consider local purchase.
  • 1) Recommend twin 200 Hp. to win 300 Hp. Shaft length 25
  • 2) Propeller 2 sets?
  • 3) Hydraulic steering system? steering cable length12m?
  • 4) RPM Oil meters.
  • 3 Other
  • 1) Navigation lights?1 weight light, 1 set side lights;
  • 2) Lead acid batteries 2 sets, batteries, 110Ah? 3? 5 fishing pole seats, set in backseat back?
  • 4) Fix bilge pump 1 set, portable bilge pump 1 set.
  • 4 Tests:
  • Test ride, seal testing, tilt testing.
  • 5 Package and transportation
  • 1) Cradle packages, 2 boats together 1 up 1 down. Loading in 40ft Flat racks?
  • 2) Disassemble console, awning and driver seat, assemble in destination.